Facials & LED Light

On your first visit to Room Nine, you will receive an in-depth consultation. From there, your customised skin care programme will be created for your treatments here at Room Nine and continued care at home. 

Osmosis Organic Medi / 1 hour — $160
Custom blended using highly active ingredients which feeds the skin with key nutrients and antioxidants. Targeting the source of skin conditions and restoring skin back to optimum health.

Osmosis Infusion / 1 hour — $160
Infusing 23 ingredients at a dermal level which boosts collagen stimulation for 30 days following each treatment. This is dermal remodelling at it's best.

Environ Iontophoresis / 1 hour — $140
The Ionzyme DF machine enhances the penetration of essential vitamins to ensure instant visible results and a well-hydrated healthier skin.

Environ Iontophoresis and Sonophoresis / 1 hour 30 mins — $180
The ultimate in advanced vitamin therapy using a combination of two techniques which is most effective at rejuvenating and smoothing the skin.

Nellie Tier / 1 hour — $120
Nellie Tier / 30 mins — $65
New Zealand hand blended formulas using botanicals and essential oils. A relaxing facial with the ability to heal and nourish the skin.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) / 1 hour — $140
Used on its own or incorporated into treatments to stimulate blood circulation which increases collagen and elastin. Counteracting the effects of skin ageing and also reduces inflammation.

Skin Care


ASAP Glycol — $99

ASAP Lactic — $99

ASAP Reveal — $99

ASAP's non invasive peels revitalise and rejuvenate the skin with minimal down time. Helps to improve and smooth the texture of the skin by gently removing the outer layers.

Environ Peels - $99

Environ cooling peel systems give the skin an effective exfoliation in a non aggressive way to regenerate new skin and promote hydration.


Skin Treatments

Microdermabrasion — $110

Add To Treatment  — $50

The miracle Microderm machine uses very fine crystals to remove the outer most layer of dead skin cells. The result is smoother skin that enables products to penetrate deeper.

Derma Planing — $150

Add To Treatment — $40

Is a controlled exfoliation procedure to safely remove the surface layer of skin and remove unwanted hair by using a fine blade. It is ideal for dry, rough skin, scarring or fine lines.


Pulsed Light

Intense pulse of light is emitted in the form of flashes by high-tech equipment. This technique is carried out safely for the long-lasting removal of unwanted hair. The number of sessions vary for each person due to hair type and growth. A consultation is essential prior to the course.


Full Face — $300

Spot Treatment — $60

Works in a similiar way to IPL hair removal, the intense pulse of light is absorbed by the melanin at a shallower level forcing the pigment to the surface to sloth off. Effective on sun damage.



We offer: Botox™ injections and dermal fillers. For a youthful look by a highly experienced and qualified nurse book a complimentary consultation to discover the right treatment for you to achieve a fresh, natural appearance.

Plasma Rich Platelet Therapy

PRP uses the healing potential of your blood to stimulate new skin cells for aesthetic results.

Medical Grade Needling

Also known as collagen induction therapy by using a roller with fine needles this creates a controlled skin injury, penetrating at the depths of the dermis, stimulating collagen and elastin.


Waxing | Tinting

Room Nine uses Mancine wax - the preferred choice for waxing specialists. Only the finest ingredients are used in the Mancine wax products.


Eyebrow Shape — $25
Facial Hair — $25 - $40
Brazilian First Time — $69
Brazilian Repeat — $59
G-String — $45
Bikini — $35
Underarm — $29
Arms — $35 - $45
Full Leg — $70
Thigh — $50
Lower Leg — $45
Male Back / Chest — $30 - $50


Enhances your lashes making them look longer and more voluminous. Add a touch of colour to your natural brow to create the perfect brow shape.

Eyelash Tint — $25
Eyebrow Tint — $20



Relaxation massage increases energy and vitality while promoting overall well being. Hot stone massage is also available, these stones are placed on specific areas of the body to relieve the muscle and ease tension.

Back, Neck, and Shoulders / 30 mins — $55

Full Body / 1 hour — $99

With Hot Stones / 1 hour 15 mins — $120

Manicures | Pedicures

We love taking care of our clients and sending them home feeling pampered and looking perfectly polished. We have a variety of manicure options to choose from, depending on your time and your budget. 

Manicure / 1 hour — $75
Pedicure / 1 hour — $80

Mini Manicure / 30 mins — $30
Mini Pedicure / 30 mins — $30


Spray Tan

Both Australian made these solutions provide a natural, healthy sun-kissed glow without the look of it being fake. The tan lasts 5-7 days.

Eco Tan — $40

Summer Tan — $50


Welcome to Room Nine

A sanctuary for specialised skin care and boutique beauty therapies.

Room Nine offers a variety of progressive skin treatments and a extensive range of beauty products.

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For the rest of August, book in for a 30 minute peel & receive a complimentary Microdermabrasion

Pre spring P R O M O 🙏🏼


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