Synergie - Home Roller


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A home-use microneedling device that creates channels in the outer layer of the skin without causing damage. This pain-free derma roller will enhance the absorption of your active ingredients by up to 40 times, leading to increased performance of your serums for maximum results.


Available in 0.25mm or 0.50mm length.

A note from Synergie:

It is important to note that at-home needling devices do not directly stimulate fibroblasts in the dermis to produce collagen. Only medical needling devices (1.5mm in length or more) can penetrate the dermis. 

The RejuvaDerm home roller creates shallow 0.25mm or 0.50mm ‘micro channels’ to break through the skin’s epidermal surface with no disruption or physical damage to the dermal layer. 

These micro-holes create a pathway for better absorption of your active ingredients directly into the target zone, to enhance and accelerate results.


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