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Emma Lewisham Certified Organic Bamboo Muslin Cloth Box Set (5 pack)


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We believe our innovative, evidenced-based range of all-natural skincare doesn’t have to come at the compromise of people or the planet, and that’s why these beautiful cloths are 100% traceable, organically certified and made in New Zealand. 

Our certified organic bamboo muslin cloths allow you to cleanse daily without irritation of the skin. They leave your skin smooth, soft and primed for the application of oils, serums and crèmes.



Organic bamboo 70%
Organic cotton 30%


How to Use

Soak in water to make warm and damp, then sweep over skin to lift off cleanser. Wash after two uses.

Washing instructions

A warm, gentle cycle is best for our bamboo muslin cloths to help the fabric maintain its suppleness. Use cold water for lightly soiled bamboo clothing.

Never use hot water for regular washing, because it can cause the fabric to shrink.

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