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Do you have taught, red, scaly or itchy skin? Ouch, it certainly seems like it might be in need of a helping hand! By the way, it doesn’t matter what your skin type is: whether it is dry, normal, combination or oily, sensitivities can affect all skin. And, it can be either chronic or temporary. It is time to wipe the slate clean with a gentle routine which is as comforting as can be, to soothe sensitivity and redness, and to wait for winter with total peace of mind!


If, since a young age, you have suffered from redness, taught or uncomfortable skin on a daily basis, look no further: you have sensitive skin. As for sensitized skin, you will see the same symptoms, but they are temporary: because the temperature has lowered, because of a stressful period, or even because you have been using too many different products… As a result, the skin is irritated, it can even peel, but above all, you will notice areas prone to redness (often the cheeks and nose) and it will feel inflamed. You dream of soothing creams and comforting masks. Basically, you need soft textures.


  • Cleansing: contrary to popular belief, micellar water is not the most effective way to remove your makeup. Since it is only a “surface” cleanser, it doesn’t sufficiently deeply cleanse, and its surfactants, in particular, destroy the hydrolipidic film. The impurities that you are trying to remove are also left behind since, most of the time, the micellar water is not properly rinsed.
  • The make-up: bad silicones, mineral oils or even perfumes… there are plenty of ingredients that can make your skin sensitive (also often accused of being comedogens), which are found in makeup products. Keep an eye out for these, especially in foundation, but also blusher and even mascara if you have very sensitive skin.
  • Too much heat: avoid showers or baths that are too hot as this literally melts the hydrolipidic film leading to itching and discomfort.


You wouldn’t dream of going out without a coat when it’s cold, or without a hat when it’s too hot, would you? The same goes for your skin! When its protective barrier is damaged, it really suffers from all of the external aggressions: sun, pollution, cold or even air conditioning… there are so many factors which not only make the skin sensitive but which also dehydrate it.

So, it’s up to us to create a shield! This can be a moisturising treatment which you apply on top of your day cream, or a sun cream with mineral filters to protect the skin from UV rays (in the mountains, for example). In the evening, go for an oil with regenerating properties to rebuild the protective barrier. Another advantage of oils? You will also be treating signs of ageing by boosting firmness and reducing wrinkles and fine lines...

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